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Review: Lending Light by Rose Christo



Title: Lending Light
Author: Rose Christo
Publisher: Amazon
Publication Date: August 2012
Series or Standalone: Gives Light #5
Format: Ebook, 306 pages


“Sometimes my imagination bleeds into reality.”

Eleven years ago a serial killer menaced the Nettlebush Indian Reservation. Rafael Gives Light is his son. A loner, Rafael relies on his startlingly overactive imagination to escape the distrust and vitriol of his peers.

In the summer of 2000 an exceptionally blond boy moves to Nettlebush. Rafael learns that the boy is his father’s last living victim. The boy wants to be friends.


I had the idea that maybe kissing Sky was my natural, default state, and the reason I’d been such a disagreeable person all my life was because I hadn’t been kissing him all my life.

This review almost goes the same with book one. Because this story is in fact based on the first book and the only difference is that Rafael narrated this. Oh, how I loved that guy. It’s very heartwarming to see Sky through Rafael’s eye. How Sky changed Rafael’s life and how Rafael tried to be that person.

So let me just tell you why I freaking loved this series. Let’s start with the characters. Probably this series has one of the best set of characters in young adult contemporary. Everyone has depth. Everyone is remarkable. Every single main or secondary ones tugs your heart. Rose Christo doesn’t need to make her characters to be too perfect to gain a strong connection with them. You’ll love them just the way they are.

And for the romance, it just so happened that we’re introduced to a society where a boy who likes a boy is not a crime by law, a disease, a sin, or whatever ridiculous name they call it. So this is not me-and-you-against-the-world or i-love-you-you-love-me-but stuff. This is a fresh take for us to the mm genre where no one give a damn who you love.

“I have a boyfriend,” I said

Meredith smiled warmly at me. “That’s wonderful! What’s his name?”

“Not telling” I said

“You made him up,” Holly accused

“Bite me,” I said again

Why so adorable, Rafael?