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Review: Every Day by David Levithan



Title: Every Day
Author: David Levithan
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Reader
Publication Date: August 28th 2012
Series or Standalone: Every Day #1
Format: Paperback, 322 pages


Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl.

There’s never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere. It’s all fine until the morning that A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Because finally A has found someone he wants to be with—day in, day out, day after day.


“I am a monster for doing this to him. But I have my reason.”

Yeah. You and you’re self-centered reason. Get lost, A.

Okay. I don’t think I can come up with a proper review for this book but it’s gonna be more of a rant. So bear with me.

I was quite skeptical reading this book actually. Sure, Levithan’s probably has the most popular lgbt books out there, pairing up with different great authors and all. It’s just that his works never appealed to me that I didn’t bother checking them out at all. Just reading this book’s blurb it screams: Don’t read me!!!!

Nay, I’ll read you. My mistake, I know.

The idea of A waking up in different bodies everyday and all is promising and really interesting because it’s not everyday you see books like this in any contemporary. I’m no expert but I think, it felt like Levithan had this great concept of his but wasn’t able to do justice about it. It’s like your mother gave you this beautiful dress for the prom that could get the spotlights all to you but you’re silly enough to pair it with a clown-like make-up.

And I’ve never felt this so annoyed before that I had to put my phone down and calmed myself before I could slam it on the wall. A and Rhiannon are both so freaking annoying characters. That they had just pissed me off from start to finish. And I really don’t care about them that they gained no sympathy over me.

Why would I sympathize A for messing up most the lives of people he inhabited by forcing them to do things they never usually do and sometimes endangering them just for him to see Rhiannon? Yeah that girl. That girl who acts like the victim of the story because Justin doesn’t treat her well and blah, blah, blah. But she’s the one who eventually ends up cheating him (more of this later).

I’m going to prove it to you,” I tell her. “I’m going to show you what it really means.”



Bite me.

Making Justin to look so bad and convincing Rhiannon that she deserves someone better, someone like him. *vomit*

You’re disgusting, A. You’re so freaking desperate to make Justin and Rhiannon split up so you could have her. You’re so full of crap, full of love’s methapor but you can’t even handle your love for her right.

Want to see more?

A inside Kelsea’s body who’s in the verge of suicide.

I love you Rhiannon…

A inside Dana’s body who is seriously in trouble and in need to talk with her parents.

I need to get out of here… Rhiannon needs me… Rhiannon… Rhiannon…

Freaking Rhiannon.

Can’t A just stop thinking Rhiannon even just for a day? And pay some respect to the people he inhabited?

Rhiannon who doesn’t mind she has a boyfriend at all. A kisses her and she kisses him back. A flirts her and she flirts back. They go on in a date. And almost had a sex with A using someone’s innocent body.

“It feels wrong.”

She looks hurt by this answer.

“Let me worry about Justin,” she says. “This is you and me. It’s different.”

I have more than 70 reviews now and had never ever swore in any of them. But you Rhiannon. You deserve my very first.

You’re a f*cking slut. If I ever happen to see Rhiannon walking down along the street, I won’t hesitate punching her right on her freaking face.

But I won’t end this without expressing my gratitude. I really appreciated it that David Levithan included lgbt in this book and I know it did something big to the story itself. Your thoughts about it were heartfelt and honestly, it made me want to give this 2 stars but everytime your characters come to mind, it falls down back to 1.




Review: Maybe With a Chance of Certainty by John Goode



Title: Maybe With a Chance of
Author: John Goode
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: October 19th 2011
Series or Standalone: Tales from Foster High #1
Format: eBook, 2nd Edition: Expanded Version, 98 pages


Kyle has worked hard at being the invisible student, toiling through high school in the middle of Nowhere, Texas. Brad is the baseball star at Foster High. Both boys are damaged in ways that the rest of the world can’t see. When they bond over a night of history tutoring, Kyle thinks that maybe his life has taken a turn for the not-so-lonely.

He finds out quickly that the promise of fairy-tale love is a lie when you’re gay and falling for one of the most popular boys in school, and if being different is a sin in high school, then being gay is the biggest sin of all. Now Kyle and Brad need to come to an understanding amidst the scrutiny of their peers or their fledgling relationship will crash and burn before it ever gets off the ground.


I feel bad about myself for not liking the book because everyone seems to enjoy it. But the whole review is based on my opinion.

First, the story lacks maturity. Why? The whole plot is terrible. It’s a cliché story in its highest level like those annoying children books in a poor-pretty-girl-meets-young-handsome-prince-way. But this one is more likely to look like in a poor-smart-boy-meets-handsome-popular-guy-way.

The story follows two different teenagers. Kyle was the poor yet smart boy who lived with his dumbass mom. And he was the unpopular one who made himself distant from everyone else. And there was Brad. A popular baseball player who adored by everyone and lived with his wealthy family..But despite of the good image, no one knew he was broken inside.

That kind of concept is very familiar and overly used and juvenile.

Second, superbly annoying characters. Yeah. I know the fact that Kyle was deeply in love with Brad. But when Brad approached Kyle to talk something, it caused Kyle into erection. The heck was that?? Was that even ‘love’? or ‘lust’? or is that even normal, that seeing or talking to your crush causes you into erection?? oh God, can someone help me, please? And for Brad, what the hell he was doing asking someone he barely knew to help him to study history? Where were his friends? oh I knew it! he liked Kyle too! You nailed it Perco! You nailed it!  (-_-)

And this so-called love story between the two was just as rapid as a bullet. If we do the math, it took only few hours of their relationship for them to kiss each other, for Brad to share his feelings to a stranger. And it took only a day and half for them to messed up one another. My God. Were they kind in a hurry? And that annoying part when Kyle and Brad argued, their conversation was very emotional like they’ve been together for years. Excuse me? You guys just been together for 2 days. Are they for real?

And the most ridiculous part is, when Brad tried to introduce his girlfriend to Kyle. And that was the time Kyle that acted differently that pissed off Brad. The hell?? Did Brad even forget that he had something with Kyle? That he and Kyle kissed each other, argued like they were married for years, and they even jerked off one another. Were those things as easy as clapping your hands to be easily forgotten? Maybe Brad was an superbly insensitive moron.

Lastly, the endless car metaphor. Im sorry but it was very tiring and boring. Dont know how to feel about that.

I dont know if i can recommend this to you but I heard the second book is better than this. I think its worth a shot.



Review: Stones of Power by Azumi Isora



Title: Stones of Power
Author: Azumi Isora
Publisher: Gen Manga Entertainment
Publication Date: December 30th 2014
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Format: Paperback, 168 pages
Source: eARC from the Publisher via NetGalley


Cafe Renard seems to be your run-of-the-mill establishment, but it is more than meets the eye. When strangers stumble upon the hidden secret within an average business front, they find a mysterious woman selling stones with magical properties. Before they know it they are transported on strange adventures of science fiction and fantasy.


It is tough giving this manga a one star. And I really tried hard to devour everything the author has offered in this story. But that everything fails to keep my interest. The endless fish and the magic stone talking are tiresome in some way. I mean it is good that Isora includes facts about those expensive fishes and those power stones. But it overshadows the other elements of the story, like the characters. She digs out to much information about fishes and stones and almost forgets that there are actually people in the story to fill in. Which leads all the character to voice out every bit of informations about them to the readers. So it is like watching a commercial on tv, endorsing their product to the audience with a boring script. So I felt disengaged with all the characters. And only know one thing about them: they like fish. Gahh, fish again.

And after all that fishy thing talking, here comes a big big ball from only god knows where that holds a powerful monster or a snake something. And follows many things that no one seems to care about. And for the artwork, it’s drawn like your typical manga. So no emphasizing on that part.

I’m not really sure if I’m going to recommend this manga. Maybe no. And before I end this review let me tell you something, this thing really bugs me from the very start, it’s the Cafe Renan.This may be a petty observation but I haven’t seen any other customers in the cafe nor the siblings serving coffee to anyone in the entire manga. But I’ve seen them selling stones but never a single cup of coffee. Nor doing any coffee related stuff. See? I told you it’s not really important.