Days with Sophronia


Yipee! It is my second time winning a book from goodreads. Yes, how lucky I am. I received the book weeks ago but didn’t
have the time to read and review it. You know, some personal stuff. But now, I’m already halfway through the story. It is called Sophronia L a debut by Tim Bridwell. A dark and gothic historical novel set in Martha’s Vineyard. Historical is not really my thing but those two beautiful words; dark and gothic made me enter into the said contest.

The story follows a schoolteacher named Sophronia Lambert. A beautiful woman who struggles with madness and morality after witnessing the murder of her mother by her own father at the very young age. And also at the very lost of her beloved deaf brother. Then there comes Captain James Foldger, the person behind the woman’s grief. And Sophronia, she wants vengeance.

So far I’m liking the whole thing with Tim’s engaging writing. And hoping for the story to turn out well. (with a HEA, I suppose). So guys, as soon as I finished the novel, I’ll try to post the review here and on GR asap.

– Perco


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