Review: Polar Nights by T.T. Kove



Title: Polar Nights
Author: T.T. Kove
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Publication Date: July 13th 2012
Series or Standalone: Arctic Love #1
Format: Ebook,
Source: eCopy from the Publisher via NetGalley


Andreas has been in love with
Christian for as long as he can
remember, but he’s also always
known it would remain one-sided. When he travels to Svalbard to take the last years of his Masters, spending time with Christian again brings back those feelings and makes life more than a little awkward.

The very last thing Christian needs is to have a very grown, very stunning Andreas living with him for a few weeks. Even the awkwardness between them is not enough to stop his attraction. Neither is the fact that Andreas is his sister’s stepson.


This is actually a good story but not that enough to catch few reader’s attention. There were quite a lot of characters thrown out in here for a short story. But T.T. Kove still managed to give them short appearances. But the problem was, I coudn’t decide where to place my focus. Maybe the minor characters needed more of those appearances and since this is in a series, I’m hoping to see more of them in the next installment.

I liked the awkward moments between Andreas and Christian. They didn’t know what to do with each other’s company. And Andreas being tongue tied every time he talked to him. I thought it was cute. Though they were too old to do those kind of teen stuff. And I took notice the redundancy of describing the place. Yeah, I got the point that Svalbard is such a beautiful place, but stating it all over again was tiring. All in all, this still a good story to read.



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