Review: My Online Secret Admirer by J. Tomas


Title: My Online Secret Admirer
Author: J. Tomas
Publisher: JMS Books
Publication Date: Febuary 19th 2012
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Format: EBook, 46 pages


While bored in his Computers class one day, junior Mike Halston stumbles upon another student’s anonymous blog and is surprised to find himself listed as the sexiest guy in their class. So what, someone has a crush on him?

Who could it be? Enlisting the help of his best friend Talley and his best girl friend Marie, Mike tries to figure out the identity of the mysterious blogger Unfortunately he suspects it may be a female student, since only his friends know he’s gay. Then a second blog entry makes him realize the blogger is someone close to him. Could it really be Marie? Or does Talley know more than he’s letting on?


I’m overwhelmed by the cuteness of the story. This was fun and easy to read. And the characters were not that hard to like. They were all fantastic and adorable. But I just wish this was longer, though this was still a very cute and funny short story. Surely recommend!



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