Review: The Course of True Love [and First Dates] by Cassandra Clare


Title: The Course of True Love [and First Dates]
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publication Date: March 18th 2014
Series or Standalone: The Bane Chronicles #10
Format: ebook, 40 pages


Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood might fall in love— but first they have a first date.

When Magnus Bane, warlock, meets Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunter, sparks fly. And what happens on their first date lights a flame…


MaLec’s first date didn’t really end up that good as to what a normal date should be. But they still managed to enjoy the night which each company. The said date for me was romantic in its own way. It was still enjoyable seeing Magnus and Alec both feeling akward. That was cute for sure. But I really did appreciate to see how undeniably fascinated Magnus was to Alec. As how he described Alec with great adoration plus the moment he was taken aback after accidentally seeing Alec’s delicious abs. And also the flirting was so freaking sweet. And I liked the way how the humorous side of Bane was seen in here and it was well executed. Surely recommend to all MaLec lovers out there!!!



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