Review: Mr. Rumple and Mr. Grimm by Echo Ishii



Title: Mr. Rumple and Mr. Grimm
Author: Echo Ishii
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Publication Date: October 29th 2014
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Format: Ebook, 96 pages
Source: eCopy from the Publisher via NetGalley


Claude Rumpel is a goblin turned human, living a quiet life in his little repair shop at the edge of town. He is in sore need of money to fund his inventions, and a cure for his hands, which he must keep covered at all times.

Daniel Grimm is half elf, descended from a wealthy family but now down on his luck. He is determined to restore his family’s prestige and has a daring plan to do so. The gold thread that Claude spins, and Daniel’s ability to sell it, seems a perfect plan for their goals. The casual sex is a pleasant bonus. But they are constantly thwarted from all sides: Daniel’s dealing with a powerful witch, the opposing magic of their lineages, and Claude’s dark goblin desires…


I think this shouldn’t be a short story because the idea was just way too vast to be written in a short narrative. And there was no proper introduction to their world. Some important parts were left vague. Like, what the Scourge War was. No backgrounds were given. No explanations. Nothing at all. Things just happened so fast. And also, there were too many mythical creatures presented in this very short story. There were vampires, trolls, goblins, elves, faeries, witches, sorcerers, dragons, and it was also mentioned that there was a church, so probably there were humans. And the word ‘greek goddess’ was also presented. I don’t know how all these characters interact with each other or did the humans know that those creatures existed in their world? I have so many questions. And still, here I am left in the dark. Wandering.

Echo Ishii created such a big beautiful world. Yet haven’t explored it very well. Instead, she just focused only on the two protagonists. Though, Claude and Daniel were interesting characters. They started denying their feelings for each other but their actions spoke louder than their voices. I am really looking forward to see more of them with the dragon. That would be cool.

This was actually a very good story with some problems with it. But, still a good one.



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